John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

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John Wick: Chapter three – Parabellum (also referred to as John Wick: Chapter three or just John Wick 3) could be a 2019 yankee neo-noir action heroic tale film leading Keanu Reeves because the titular character. it’s the third installment within the John Wick film series, following John Wick (2014) and John Wick: Chapter two (2017). The film is directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad, rig Hatten, Chris Collins, and brandy Abrams, supported a story by Kolstad. It conjointly stars city Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Anjelica filmmaker, and Ian McShane. within the film that takes place one hour once the events of the previous film, ex-hitman John Wick finds himself on the run from legions of assassins once a $14 million contract is placed on his head because of his recent actions.

The third installment was declared in Gregorian calendar month 2017. a lot of of the returning forged and crew was confirmed in Gregorian calendar month 2018, with new members connexion which will. picture taking began that month and lasted through Nov, going down in ny town, Montreal, and Morocco.

John Wick: Chapter three – Parabellum was stagily free within the u.  s. on might seventeen, 2019, by Summit diversion. it’s grossed $316 million worldwide, changing into the highest-grossing film of the franchise in mere ten days, and received positive reviews from critics, with praise for the action sequences, visual vogue, and Reeves’ performance.


Less than AN hour once the conclusion of the previous film, former triggerman John Wick is currently a marked man and on the run in Manhattan. once the unofficial killing of crime lord and new member of the board Santino D’Antoniowithin the ny town Continental, John is said “excommunicado” by his handlers at the board and placed underneath a $14 million bounty. On the run from assassins, John reaches the ny library and recovers a crucifix jewelry and a “marker” medallion from a secret cache during a book. He fights his manner through varied assassins populating ny town till he reaches the Director, a lady from his past United Nations agency operates a theater. She accepts the crucifix as a “ticket” for safe passage to port, Morocco and has Wick branded to suggest that he has spent all his favors.

Meanwhile, AN human with the board meets with Winston, the manager of the ny town Continental, and therefore the Bowery King, the leader of a network of vagrant assassins. The human admonishes each for serving to John Wick kill Santino D’Antonio, and each square measure given seven days to provide up their offices or face serious consequences.

In port, John meets Bulgarian capital, a former friend and therefore the manager of the port Continental. He presents his marker and asks Bulgarian capital to honor it by directive him to the Elder, a superior member of the board, so he will raise to own his bounty waived. Bulgarian capital takes him to AN assassin named Berrada, United Nations agency tells John that he might realize the Elder by wandering through the desert till he cannot walk any more. In exchange for this info, Berrada asks for one amongst Bulgarian capital’s dogs; once Sofia refuses, he shoots the dog. In getting even, Bulgarian capital shoots Berrada, and therefore the couple fight their answer of the casbah and hightail it into the desert.

Having consummated her marker, Bulgarian capital leaves John within the desert. He roams till he collapses from exhaustion however is found by the Elder’s men. John explains his actions, voice communication he’s desirous to survive to “earn” the memory of the love he once had together with his mate. The Elder agrees to forgive John however providing he assassinates Winston and continues to figure for the board till his death. to point out his commitment, John severs his finger and provides his band to the Elder.

Meanwhile, the human recruits the assassin Zero and his students AKA (Shinobis) to enforce the need of the board. With Zero’s facilitate, the human accosts the Director and therefore the Bowery King. As penance, each square measure maimed, the Bowery King nearly fatally. John arrives back in ny town and is pursued by Zero’s men. Zero nearly kills John before his pursuit is halted as they reach the ny town Continental, underneath threat of being declared excommunicado. Zero reveals himself as a follower of John’s, however John disregards his overtures. John meets with Winston, United Nations agency encourages John to not die as a killer however as a person United Nations agency beloved and was beloved by his mate.

The human arrives, however Winston refuses to provide up his workplace, and John refuses to kill Winston. As a consequence, the human “deconsecrates” the ny town Continental, revoking its protected neutral ground standing. The human then notifies Zero and his men and sends 2 busloads of body-armored board enforcers as their support. With the assistance of the hotel’s caretaker, Charon, John defends the Continental from the enforcers. At first, the armored enforcers simply kill most of the Continental’s guards, then again John and ferryman manage to kill the enforcers with armor-piercing scattergun shells. John is then ambushed by Zero and his students. John defeats and kills just about 2 of the scholars, then fatally wounds Zero.

The human negotiates a parley with Winston, United Nations agency explains the rebellion as a “show of strength” and offers penance to the board. John arrives, and once the human identifies him as a threat to the negotiation, Winston shoots John repeatedly, inflicting John to fall off of the Continental’s roof. The ny town Continental returns to operation and is “reconsecrated”, however the human informs Winston that John’s body has disappeared which he remains a threat for each of them. Meanwhile, a wounded John Wick is delivered to the heavily-scarred Bowery King, United Nations agency tells John he’s angry with the board and can be fighting against them. He asks John if he additionally feels riled, and John responds with “Yeah”.


In Oct 2016, Chad Stahelski, UN agency created his directorial debut with John Wick and served as Reeves’ Matrix stunt double,stated that a 3rd film within the John Wick series was within the works,and in Gregorian calendar month 2017 it had been reportable that Derek Kolstad, UN agency wrote the 2 previous films, would come back to put in writing the book. In Jan 2018, it had been reportable that Stahelski would come back to direct.

According to Reeves, the film’s title was taken from the notable 4th-century Roman military quote “Si vis pacem, para bellum,” which suggests, “If you wish peace, brace oneself for war.” In Associate in Nursing interview with The big apple Times, McShane aforesaid that the film would be massive, good, which nothing is that the same whereas additionally hinting that a part of the action might be the High Table’s payback not solely on Wick however additionally on his shut friend Winston.

Principal photography

Filming began might five, 2018, in big apple town and Montreal, together with the extra picture taking locations of Morocco. Principal photography wrapped on Nov seventeen, 2018. camera operator Dan Laustsen was asked concerning however difficult it absolutely was to use as several extended fight scene takes as potential whereas picture taking the high action script. He stated, “Of course it’s [a challenge], as a result of all the fights—Chad [Stahelski] is doing most of the fights himself. we tend to play that as wide as we are able to. as a result of that means we tend to see it’s him. we tend to try this loads, we tend to attempt to play it as wide as we are able to and do long shots. Of course, as a result of Chad contains a background from the stunt world he is aware of specifically the way to block this type of stuff. I’m not the simplest stunt person within the world, however I’m learning.” In Associate in Nursing interview with Jimmy Fallon, metropolis Berry aforesaid, “I stony-broke 3 ribs in rehearsal.”

Visual effects

The visual effects square measure provided by technique Studios, Image Engine and Soho VFX.


Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard come to get the film. The audio recording are discharged by composer Sarabande Records.


John Wick: Chapter three – Parabellum premiered in Brooklyn, big apple on could nine, 2019. The film was stagily free within the u.  s. on could seventeen, 2019, by Lionsgate’s Summit diversion.

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